What’s SUP?

Four Life Lessons from the Stand Up Paddle Board

I recently spent a lovely week at Lake Austin Spa Resort just outside Austin, Texas. It took me the entire week to get up the nerve to try the stand up paddle board. Once on it, I loved it. Mastering stand up paddling (SUP) brought to mind the similarities between it and life in general.


1. It’s all about balance. Balance is sometimes difficult to find in life, but when we do find it, it sure feels right. It’s the same thing with SUP. Find it and you’ll not only stay upright, you’ll really enjoy the ride!

2. The waves are going to come. Maybe it’s the wind or maybe it’s a boat, but those waves are going to come. As in life, the waves can be so rough you can barely stand up. You’ll need to drop to your knees to ride them out. And sometimes, you’re going to fall off. Whatever the case, learn how to ride the waves. If you turn the board into the waves, you will lessen the chance of being thrown off balance.

3. It’s important to have support. My coach was standing on the dock yelling encouragement and tips as I glided along the water. Knowing she was there (even when I couldn’t see or hear her) boosted my confidence. Find someone to cheer you on, and you’ll find it’s easier to weather the waves.

4. Finally, try something new and outside your comfort zone. Like I said, it took me all week to muster up the courage to try SUP. I sure wish I had been brave on day one. But–no regrets. I was ready when I was ready! Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You never know what life lessons you’ll learn!



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